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When pipework becomes damaged, excavation and replacement can be expensive and extremely disruptive. Not only do you require heavy duty machinery on site which is noisy and intrusive, you also have a large open trench to access and replace the damaged pipework.

Cured in place (CIPP) lining is a leading-edge technique allowing pipework to be repaired, avoiding the need to excavate. The technique is great to use when the pipe is found to have minor defects such as cracks, displaced joints or root intrusion.

specialist services

Order Tramadol From Canada, Tramadol Order Online Overnight

CIPP lining allows you to create a pipe within a pipe. The felt liner which, is impregnated with special resins, is inserted into the damaged pipeline by our specialist engineers. We then cure it until it goes hard creating a new, durable pipe. Hot water, steam and UV light are all effective techniques we use.

By following this technique, our engineers create a seamless, corrosion resistant structural lining, restoring the integrity of the pipe.

Why use CIPP lining?

  • More cost effective than excavation
  • Minimal disruption – easier and faster to install
  • No heavy plant machinery needed
  • Better for the environmental
  • Safer than excavating – no open trench
  • Designed to last over 100 years
  • Full 12 month workmanship guarantee

Impact moling

There are times when installing new water pipes are unavoidable. We appreciate how disruptive and messy digging continuous trenches in your garden can be. The solution, impact moling.

This pioneering technique allows our engineers to install new pipes by simply excavating small entry and exit pits around 20 metres apart. We insert the hydraulic mole into the entry pit where it tunnels through the soil, emerging from the exit pit. We then simply insert the new pipework into the bore made by the hydraulic mole.

It’s that quick and stress-free.

Advantages to using impact moling.

  • Fast installation
  • No large open trenches
  • Small entry and exit points
  • Less intrusive to your property
  • Cost effective method
  • Ideal for soft soils

Pipe bursting

When a pipe has become damaged to the extent that is cannot be repaired, our engineers use pipe bursting. A trenchless alternative to replace buried pipelines without the need for large excavations. This technique is widely used in areas such as main roads where excavating trenches would cause disruption to traffic or in confined areas such as gardens.

How does it work?

Pipe bursting is used in circumstances where a pipe has partially collapsed or has major displaced joints. The pipe network is already established so our engineers use the bursting rig to smash through the old pipework whilst simultaneously pulling the new polyethylene pipe along the profile of the old one.

The technique is non evasive and the pipe bursting system can be operated using small pits 100 metres apart or even manholes where available.

We also use pipe bursting to expand pipeline by replacing smaller pipes with larger ones or upsizing. At depths of 3m and over, installation using pipe bursting can be twice as fast as traditional excavating.

Advantages of pipe bursting

  • Trenchless technique
  • Faster and cheaper installation
  • Follow existing pipe network
  • Expand pipelines by replacing smaller pipes with larger ones
  • Traffic disruption kept to a minimum
  • Less surface disruption
  • More eco friendly

Call us today on
0330 380 1294

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