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5 Scary Stories from the Sewers That’ll Give You the Creeps

There’s a lot we don’t realise that goes on beneath us in the sewers of the cities we live in. Sure, they help pass our wastewater on to water treatment centres, but sometimes they are also home to strange creatures, individuals, and other oddities. Like many remote locations that aren’t intended for living, sewers and underground tunnels are the settings for many creepy tales throughout the years.

Here at Innovation Underground Services, we’ve performed enough CCTV drain surveys in Derbyshire, Wolverhampton, and other cities across the UK, to see more than a few creepy things. So, we decided to share some of those experiences with you. We’ve collected a variety of strange stories from sewers across North America and Europe courtesy of online reports and accounts.

Order Tramadol From Mexico - Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online

Reddit user SoreWristed details his scout trip into an abandoned World War II fort tunnel in southern Belgium. The atmosphere is rife with silence and a chilling breeze. He recalls a claustrophobically small tunnel with echoes that murmur every time you take a step.

Just for the fun of it, the group has decided together not to bring flashlights and instead take in the experience as is. Perched at an intersection in the tunnel, the storyteller sits and waits for his partners to catch up, ensuring they don’t take a wrong turn.

At one point, however, in an otherwise dark passageway, he sees a tiny light bouncing his direction but no accompanying footsteps. Then, he feels a warm breeze, possibly a breath on his face. In his own words, “Suddenly I realise, there’s someone there. Right in front of me. Inches from my face.”

What resulted was an awkward silence that seemed to last hours until the storyteller is finally visited by one of his scout-mates making his way through the tunnel.

Later, it turned out that one of the first people entering the tunnel ended up getting lost in the confusion. When she saw the storyteller at the intersection, she dropped her match and passed by in a frightened manner.

The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The creepy music box is a classic horror movie cliché, but it sometimes pops up in folklore too. While online user jake502120 was visiting the Trans Alleghany Lunatic Asylum, an abandoned hospital that operated between 1864 to 1994, he encountered the faint sound of music whenever he approached the underground tunnels.

On top of that, the sound seemed to get louder the closer they approached the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, Jake’s group was discovered and escorted out by the owner who allegedly claimed he didn’t want to risk exposure to asbestos. But Jake still doubts that reason, and the encounter still frightens him to this day.

Small Town Sewers

Here’s one from Buzzkill1591 detailing his occasional trips to the sewer system in his unnamed small-town neighborhood. Once a casual hangout, the tunnel became a bit of a mystery for the group of friends once they found messages written in red paint on the walls with almost B-movie lines like “We’re watching you.”

At one point, they hear a few laughing voices, prompting them to lift the manhole cover and escape onto the street above, never to return.

The Coal Miner

A former technical assistant at a coal mining company tells the tale during one of his workdays. Some of his duties were to collect data, take samples, and survey the areas. One occasion, he was tasked with exploring an underground tunnel a decent distance away from other workers.

Several times, he would always feel and hear someone standing to his side, whispering into his ear. While he attributes this phenomenon to the strange acoustics of the cavern, the feeling was intense and frequent enough that he tends to avoid the area nowadays. Now that’s a story we like to tell our coworkers at the drain survey company in Derby.

Some Naked Guy

A New York subway worker recalls how often homeless people would use the underground tunnels to escape harsh weather. He remembers a fully nude man bathing under a leaking hot pipe, which he describes as “pretty terrifying.” I would agree wholeheartedly.

Fact and Folklore

Often, the only accounts of these kinds of stories come from the people who experienced them. Many are backed by urban legend or contain alleged supernatural sightings. While we can’t confirm the veracity of every creepy tale that comes from down under, it’s evident that sewer systems are a common source of fear and folklore.

However, that doesn’t mean performing drain repairs in Derby needs to be scary.

If you need help with septic tank installation in Derbyshire, Tramadol Online Best Price with us at Innovation Underground Services. We’ve been helping companies with all their drain survey and repair and septic tank needs for many years. In the last year alone, we’ve completed over 7,500 projects, 2,800 clean water projects, and 4,620 surveys. We know our industry in and out, and we’re happy to help you with your project.

And don’t worry, we don’t believe in ghosts.

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